SEGE Safety Windows in Turning Processes

The SEGE safety windows has proved to be very efficient when used in turning machines. This efficiency is based not only on the combination of glass and polycarbonate but also on the use of a stainless steel frame, in which the composite from these two panes is embedded.

The composite is embedded floating in this frame: The polycarbonate with its very high bending strength, but with very low resistance to drilling and clamping, is embedded in the frame and then installed in the machine door. When a chuck jaw or a work piece is ejected, the polycarbonate pane will be pressed onto the hood only in the moment of impact. This will cause jamming or locking of the polycarbonate pane. The retaining capacity of the polycarbonate comes in only in the very last moment, since there will be no stress to the pane before this moment. This effect will not be used up before due to stress caused to a fixed pane. In the course of many years, panes in floating installation have turned out to be more appropriate than a jammed, wedged or drilled pane.