EC Directives, CEN, Tests of the German Job Safety Institute!

Get ready for future challenge right now.

The process of uniting Europe has led to changes of provisions and standards in many fields, which in turn take great effect on numerous markets.

Just in the sensitive field of machine protection directives, new and, in part, more rigorous EC directives and standards are to be expected, you will be, in any case, on the safe side by using the combination of SEGE safety windows with LEXAN Margard.

Comprehensive testing procedures have been carried out with our SEGE solution, and it has also been tested according to the applicable CE standard. The result:

SEGE has passed all tests carried out on it by the German job safety institute!

Do you know a glazing system that is more resistant and durable?

Impact strength in dependence on temperature
Ball drop test according to GE method.
The comparison in impact strength with other materials shows:
All other glazing materials are a far cry from the characteristics of Lexan Margard and - these characteristics will remain unchanged in a temperature range from -40° C to +120° C !