SEGE Windows in Milling Processes

Since the working areas is quite large, most of the customers that use milling machines need very large panes. This implies high costs, which may exceed the expectations of the customers with polycarbonate composite panes of appropriate dimensions. (as the standard SEGE safety window). For this reason, a polycarbonate with an so-called indicator foil is used as an alternative, especially in milling machines, in which the distance between the pane and the tool spindle is quite long. In this version, the poycarbonate pane has the function of a safety pane. A scratch-resistant PET (polyethylene terephthalate) foil is laminated onto the inside surface of the pane. This material is very resistant to chemicals and has a high impact strength. The foil prevents intrusion of the cooling lubricant into the polycarbonate pane. It is called indicator foil since it clearly separates polycarbonate and the working area. Damage caused by penetration of too many chips becomes evident in this material. This is a disadvantage of polycarbonate panes which may be completely destroyed by chips while nobody has an idea how long the cooling lubricant has got in contact with the pane.