Demands on the Safety Window

A safety window must be able to resist an impact of a part with a mass of 100 g at its actual speed. This means that there is no safety factor as it exists in turning machines with their low masses and without any increase in danger due to masses.

Testing method: Impact on the material to be tested of a part with a standard weight of 100 g at its actual speed. This part must have the same shape as the part used in tests carried out on turning machines (link to bombarding tests).

Additionally, a spindle may break (this, however, occurs in only a few cases). If the spindle breaks, there will suddenly be a part with a mass of up to 5 kg, which may leave its orbit and hit the pane.
It is the design engineer who will have to decide which safety window type meets his requirements. Must the pane be resistant to chips or coolants in the machine, or is it required to be resistant to extremely high chip temperatures, as they occur in dry machining?
This is the very case in which a solution that combines glass and polycarbonate is indispensable.