The Process of Milling

In a milling machine, the tool will rotate whereas the work piece will not be moved. In contrast with the turning machine, only the milling or drilling tool will move. The machine is equipped with a so-called tool spindle, which may reach very high speeds. Milling is done at speeds of up to 40,000 rpm.

Dangers of the Milling Process

The tools are those parts of the milling machine that cause the highest danger. The milling heads are the most crucial risk. The milling heads are located in a milling casket. There is a quite high risk that the whole milling casket works loose. A milling cask has a weight of 50 to 100 g. The high speed in the machine will cause high forces, above all penetration forces, since these parts have very small surfaces, i.e. the parts will hit the protective equipment with full force. For this reason, a critical weight limit of 100 g has been specified. This limit is stated in standard EN 12417.