History of the Company

The firm SEGE Sicherheitsfenster was established in 1980 by two businessmen. Whereas the company produced only 200 windows in the first business year, its production volume meanwhile has increased under the management of the directors Juergen and Klaus Seyffert to currently 25,000 windows per year.

The very start of activities took place in a garage in Remseck, a town in the South-West of Germany. This was the place where the first SEGE safety windows were manufactured, packaged and shipped. In the beginning, most of the regular customers were manufacturers of turning machines in the near surroundings. It did not take a long time until increasing demand and the expansion of activities to the whole area of Germany made the firm move to a larger production site. On this new site in Ilsfeld (link on production site), as new production line was established. This is the place where we now manufacture our panes on an area of 1500 square meters.